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The Fullife Foundation Guarantee

In recent years, a number of Australian Charities have come under intense public scrutiny for their high levels of administrative and marketing expenses, resulting in only a relatively small percentage of total donations actually going to assist their intended beneficiaries.


Sadly, this has resulted in an increase in the Australian community’s cynicism regarding the effectiveness of their donations, and whether their hard-earned money was actually making a difference.


Consequently, the Fullife Foundation decided to overcome this public concern by GUARANTEEING that ALL money donated to the Fullife Foundation goes straight to our trusted program partners. Fullife Pharmacies financially covers all marketing and administrative expenses of the Fullife Foundation.

Helping Hands

Fullife Foundation Privacy Policy

The Fullife Foundation recognises that personal information may be subject to misuse by individuals and other organisations. The Fullife Foundation recognises our responsibility to ensure that all personal information it holds about individuals are treated respectfully and not knowingly misused.

This policy therefore represents Fullife Foundation’s commitment to comply with
Australian privacy laws in the handling of personal information.

For a full copy of the Fullife Foundation's Privacy Policy, please select from the downloadable reports below.

Downloadable Reports

2022 Annual Report

2021 Annual Report

2017-2018 Annual Report

Financial Statements
& Audit (2021)

Financial Statements
& Audit (2019)

Financial Statements

& Audit (2018)

Privacy Policy v1.0

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