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Who We Are

Fullife Foundation is an organisation with a heart for others, which aims to achieve incredible things with a small committed team and a large committed network of partners and supporters/providers. We see our main role as providing a link or conduit between donor partners and project partners, to identify and support projects that improve the health of women and children in Ethiopia. This reflects our business model.

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Our People

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Ian Shanks

Ian is the founding partner and key driver of the Fullife Foundation. He is instrumental in forging relationships and partnerships and acts as the figurehead for the Fullife Foundation. He also takes on the bulk of our operational responsibility.

Michelle Bou-Samra

Michelle acts as a sounding board and filter for ideas. She develops, oversees and monitors the marketing strategy, and ensures integration between pharmacy operations, education and awareness, and fundraising.

Michelle has travelled extensively through Ethiopia and shares her knowledge with Directors as well as informing on the links between International development issues and empowering communities.

Janelle Murley

Janelle drives the development of our strategy and oversees our governance activities including policy, compliance, risk management and contracts.

Janelle also acts as our Chair, managing out board meetings and keeping us accountable for our actions.


Teresa Hooper

Teresa joins the board in 2018 to oversee our finances and provide sound financial advice to ensure compliance and enable growth.

We look forward to Teresa bringing her expertise to help the Fullife Foundation achieve and maintain good financial management and stewardship.

Bridget Delahunty


Kristi is the in-house accountant for the Fullife Foundation, and ensures that our financial records and transactions are always accurate, up to date and available for assessment by the board.



Sasha came on board as our resident creative in 2018 and runs our social media, website, graphic design and other marketing channels. She has an affinity for 90s hip hop and interior design, and works for the Fullife Foundation both because she loves the impact that they have, and because her father-in-law (Ian) asked her to!

David Sanders

David has been advising the Fullife Foundation board on administrative, legal and governance issues since our commencement in 2013.

We appreciate David's sound advice and oversight of the Fullife Foundation.

David has a busy legal practise specialising mainly in wills and estates, and is also an Accredited Mediator.


Julie has been part of the Fullife team for over 40 years, she is a passionate supporter of the Fullife Foundation, and works tirelessly to inform and connect customers with the work that we do in Ethiopia

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