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Eyes for Africa (EFA)

Eyes for Africa (EFA) is an Australian not-for-profit, non-government, non-denominational, sight-restoring charitable foundation founded in 2007 by Melbourne Ophthalmic nurse Julie Tyers who wanted to 'make a difference' by treating preventable blindness.

EFA's goal in each destination is to achieve 200 eye surgeries. Over the last 11 years (2007 to 2018) the charity has performed surgeries on over 3000 cataracts, resulting in restored sight, and improved lives and livelihoods. EFA has a strong commitment to long term sustainability by training local Ethiopian cataract surgeons and setting them up in remote areas.

Cataract Project

During 2018, The Fullife Foundation provided $5,000 to Eyes For Africa, to provide cataract surgeries for Ethiopian women in Ginir, in the south-eastern region of Ethiopia.

Well over 60 sight-restoring surgeries were provided to people there, many who had not been able to see for many years.

Eyes for Africa: About Us
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