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Fullife Pharmacies

The Fullife Pharmacy group incorporated the Fullife Foundation in its retail model since its inception in 2012. It promotes the Fullife Foundation in a number of ways:

  • Donation boxes at pay-points

  • Donations for statutory declarations and certifications provided by Fullife Pharmacists

  • Fullife Foundation days, where the pharmacy team donate their time, promote our work in a fun and relaxed atmosphere, and raise funds

  • Birthing Kit packing sessions, involving local community members

  • Through Club Fullife, the customer loyalty platform where over 4,000 Fullife Pharmacy customers regularly donate Club points to the Fullife Foundation.

  • Providing full page advertisements of Fullife Foundation activity on their flyers every two months.

Fullife Pharmacies cover all administrative and marketing expenses of the Fullife Foundation, enabling us to make our ‘guarantee’ to donors.

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